Love is......
close up butterfly.jpg

“Love is like a butterfly, a rare and gentle thing.”

I am fascinated by the challenge of taking photographs of butterflies. To achieve consistently good images is going to take much practice!  As I thought about butterflies the lines above came to mind. And now I am wondering is love really like a butterfly? Or is it more like an anchor that holds fast in all weathers? Or like the hot water bottle that keeps us from the cold?


Whatever love is to you, let's give thanks for those who love us and pray for safety those we love. Amen

In the Mist
Misty morning

When I took this photograph early one morning, a damp mist seemed to cover everything. Looking at the image, I wonder how often we sit on the sidelines, feeling lost and alone, unable to see where to tread?

Maybe you are not sure what God is calling you to do next. Maybe you are wondering if you are on the right road, or if it is time for a new direction. As we wait for the mist to clear, let’s pray that we will be open to hearing God’s voice as He guides us in his paths.


We live in a beautiful world. Lockdown has enabled me to appreciate the

wonders of nature close to home and reminded me how much I miss the beauty of creation in places far away.


So why are some people so careless with what we have, thinking it acceptable to litter, damage and destroy? Maybe they don't see themselves as curators of this world, ours to look after the generations to come.  But that is who we are.


Today let's pray for our world, and for ourselves as those blessed with a wonderful gift, ours to care for and preserve. Amen