All we have Achieved

Recently I started to watch 'How to Loose Weight Well', at the same time as I was eating a custard tart! You may notice that I said started to watch, as I very quickly bored with hearing about different types of diet.

So often we start things but don't finish them. And often our hearts are not really in it in the first place. We decide to walk more, but it's cold outside. We wonder about eating more fruit and veg, but do no more than wonder.

But the good news is that when we are committed to something, nothing can stop us! Think for a moment about the things you have achieved over the years. We don't often acknowledge our achievements, or say well done to ourselves. But maybe we should. God gives us all gifts and talents, and every time we use them we are becoming more of the person we are meant to be.

During this challenging time, rather than feeling bad about the things we haven't done, let's give thanks for all we have achieved, and all we will go on to achieve, however big or small our efforts.

And let's pray that God will guide our footsteps and keep us safe as we move out towards new goals and renewed interests. Amen

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