Facing the Storm

Out on my walk yesterday I saw an older lady riding her bicycle with great determination in the cold and the wind. She overtook me (which wasn't that difficult) and as she passed by we greeted each other with a brief smile.

Later, sitting in the warmth of my home, I thought about that lady on her bike. And I wondered - what is it that enables some people to set out in all weathers and bravely face the elements, while others stay safely at home?

Clearly there are times when staying home is the only option, such as during illness or through disability

. But even during lockdown we can go outside for an hour. And yet there are times when we are able, but still choose the easier option.

And there is something for us to think about today. Is there something we need to tackle bravely regardless of the difficulties? If there is, let's pray for courage and confidence to face the elements, like our lady on her bicycle. Amen.

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