Updated: Oct 13, 2020

40years ago today I lost my oldest sister. I’ve reflected a lot about her during lockdown. She was a nurse, studied as a health visitor and worked during the 1970’s in the St Paul’s area in Bristol just before the time of the riots. She became ill due to the stress of caring in those difficult times and came home for a time to recover. She then went back into nursing locally. She was dedicated and driven to care.

In the early hours 40 years ago today, she was travelling home from night duty, and a careless selfish drunk driver ran her off the road. She was taken back into the hospital she had work in that night and died during the operation as they tried to repair all the damage done.

Why am I writing this now? Mostly because I wanted to mark the day, but also because during this time of lockdown and pandemic I have noticed how we have all tried to care for each other and ourselves. We have tried to be careful and do the right thing.

But also because I have noticed that when we put ourselves first, as did that driver thinking he could do what he wanted and not obey any regulations; other people get hurt.

I was in Legoland the other day to celebrate our granddaughters birthday. It was marked out and the correct regulations were put in place. But there were those who felt their need to be selfish was more important than wearing a mask indoors.

Why? Was it much to ask? Especially when they came passed us and with my mask on I could smell they had been smoking? I’m not against them smoking, but I was surprised that I could inhale the smell with my mask on!

We are all selfish in our own way.

But we can all take time to consider our own choices, and consider is this likely to affect anyone else? Let’s be kind. Let’s be caring. Let’s be supportive and think.

My favourite passage from the bible is this

Luke 10:27. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”; and, “Love your neighbour as yourself.” ’”

What a better world it would be. ❤️

Janice Carrington September 2020

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