What is, and what will be....

What was or what is.

"Moments always blossom more beautifully in memories.

(Richelle E. Goodrich.

When visiting old Abbey's, places of worship, derelict or abandoned buildings I can often sit with a sense of ah, if only...how wonderful would it have been to seen this in its prime, in all its pomp. I wonder how it would be? But sometimes I have found it is not the thought to have. Rather than ponder this I find an uplifting joy in celebrating what was. Of creating my own memories for a place, my own stories, my own moments.

But in some places and Cerne Abbey is one there is no need to think sadly on what was but to celebrate it and enjoy the history, a history that helped establish the village that now is.

For more than 500 years, the Abbey dominated the area but in 1539 it was surrendered to Henry VIII with the Dissolution of the Monasteries and was largely destroyed. A portion of the Abbot's Porch and Abbey guesthouse remain and can be seen here. Further away in the gardens you find St Augustine's Well, reputedly blessed by the Saint himself and story has it the consequences led to the prosperity (through ale) the village later had.

Whatever your position on faith or none, this is a place of peace and sanctuary. To sit and and enjoy each moment to let new moments and memories blossom, to allow this wonderful place to create not old stories but the new ones you make. Not what was but what is and will be

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